Fixed Wireless Network

We'll secure your project feasibility, providing an accurate line of sight reports, link performance estimation and infrastructure costs. With the latest technology evolution, point-to-point wireless infrastructure has become an easy, fast and cost-effective way of deploying a network.


Video Conferencing

 With technologically advanced products, we help enterprises of all sizes and budgets to make their workplace more connected – irrespective of the their locational restraints due to global workforce and give rise to their budding business. We do not leave any stone unturned in offering easy-to-use and efficient video conferencing / video collaboration solution on any device of your choice. We believe in delivering efficiency to our clients, to enable easy interactions and collaborate more effectively.


Campus WiFi & LAN

High-speed internet connectivity in schools and colleges is changing the way students learn. OmniTel caters to the LAN, WAN, Internet and Wi-Fi requirements of any educational institute. Today, OmniTel campus solution connects over 40,000 students and is present in campuses such as DTU, Jamia Millia Islamia, MANUU and LBSNAA.


Unified Communication

With the growth in technology, the need to have unified communication solutions grew and they are a reality today. Unified Communication Systems help in seamless communication across integrated devices that include instant messaging, IP telephony, data sharing, web casts, conferencing capabilities and speech recognition. The system needn’t be a single component; it is mostly an integration of a variety of top notch and latest systems that enable seamless communication.


Network Security

A stable and efficient network is essential for the success of any business. Today’s cybercriminals have armies of hundreds or even thousands of bots at their disposal to wield attacks that are ever growing in size, impacting networks more severely and for longer periods of time.


Professional Services

Get up to speed on wireless and IP networks should some of your personnel require their knowledge to be refreshed or expanded to grasp the refinements of wireless deployments or IP network design and operation, we also provide more generic training to take the advantage of a specific project to increase your workforce expertise.

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